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When talking about this movie, people frequently bring up the fact that the message boils down to the fact that, in the end, it really does matter what you look like, and that the ugly guy won’t ever get the girl no matter how nice he is.

Well. Those people are wrong.

Think harder. There are three contenders for Esmeralda’s affections - Frollo, Quasimodo, and Phoebus. Frollo has zero affection for Esmeralda. No affection, no respect, no good feelings at all. All he feels is lust. And when he looks at her, all he sees are her faults (or what he believes are faults). He sees her a sexy gypsy who has spent her whole life in sin. And that causes him to feel lust. Because of this, he is incapable of seeing her good heart and truly decent soul. He sees a problem in need of fixing.

The audience wants Quasimodo to get the girl because he’s nice and she treats him well, and he deserves to catch a break for once in his life. And those things are all true. However. That line of thought essentially equates Esmeralda to his prize, to an object rather than a person. The problem with a Quasimodo-Esmeralda pairing is the exact opposite of Frollo. Frollo sees no good qualities in her, Quasimodo sees no bad qualities. He puts her on a pedestal and blinds himself to any mistakes she may make or flaws in her personality. He idolizes her in a way that is not healthy.

But Phoebus… Phoebus sits between the two: he sees her good, he sees her bad, and he can see the whole picture. He sees Esmeralda as she actually is - a person. She is not a sinful creature in need of reform and she is not a perfect specimen of humanity. Phoebus is the only one who can see that, and the only one who respects her as a person instead of a prize.

And that’s why the pretty guy gets the girl.

"Frollo saw Esmeralda as a demon. Quasimodo saw Esmeralda as an Angel. Phoebus saw her as Esmeralda. That is why Esmeralda fell in love with Phoebus."

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The first sip of tea is always the hardest.

that isn’t supposed to be inspirational, I’m just stating it’s fucking nerve-racking waiting for it to touch your lips and potentially having it melt your face off 

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Me: mom, dad, this is my girlfriend Eve

Mom: the fuck I thought you had a boyfriend

Dad: the Bible said Adam and Eve, not gay is okay

Me: wait for my surprise

Mom: another one

Dad: what surprise

*a guy walks in*

Me: this is my boyfriend Adam


Me: do you get it, Adam and Eve hahaha, Adam and Eve

Parents: no

Me: but the Bible said

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this is seriously one of the most powerful scenes on glee ever

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you sure showed him


you sure showed him

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*whispers* Bechdel pass. See how easy?

It is legitimately sad that so many movies don’t pass that test because it is literally this easy.

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a few days ago bf told me that a couple years ago when he played counterstrike he would respond to dudes getting angry and aggressive and hostile by saying “a kissaroo from me to you” in a slightly goofy friendly voice sort of like the voice you’d associate with a dog muppet.  he said they would absolutely lose their shit every time, insisting things like “i dont want a kissaroo from you!  only tall blonde girls!”.  they always said kissaroo.  i cant stop thinking about this

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100% Rebel Time DORK!
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i have to make a poster about “christopher columbus’s discovery of america” for school

i’m gonna have a real hard time holding back the sarcasm wish me luck


i failed

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favorite character meme - [3/7] scenes

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Sirius fell behind the veil; but before his body hit the ground, a set of strong and familiar hands caught him.  


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My favorite story is that one time Tolkien was with some writer friends and he was like “oh I’ve got a new story to show you guys” and one of them was like “as long as it’s not more fucking elves”

and it was

it was more fucking elves

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